Dear parents and students,

Thousands of students drain out from Nepal in search of quality education to India and other countries every year. There are Nepalese who have the capacity to run high quality educational institutions in Nepal itself. Therefore, it has become futile for students to go abroad with a view to attaining quality education. Padmashree offers international quality education at an affordable cost.

Proper development of both head and heart leads an individual towards sustainable fast growth in career and life. For that, every student needs an environment conducive to self-learning with team work, nurturing and guidance by experienced mentors and teachers. Recognizing this fact, we have designed and launched many innovative activity-oriented student-centered talent development programs for our students to ensure their wholehearted involvement. In fact, many of our activities and events are initiated and managed by the students themselves. This enriches the students' team work abilities and project management skills that are crucial for success in their career.

At Padmashree, students get an opportunity to learn to respond to newer challenges, identify and seize opportunities and discover their own talents through trust and partnership in learning. Come, join Padmashree and grow with us.

Thank you!

Arna Raj Silwal, M.Sc. (Str. Engg.)