Refer to the following information regarding the Internal Examination schedule of BABHM as well as the Examination Guidelines.

Internal Exam Guidelines Dec- 2021


  • Submit your answer script with reference to the email id, date and time mentioned in the examination time-table.
  • Students are required to write their id number, course code and course title in their first page of answer script. Otherwise, the answer script will not be marked.
  • While sending us your answer script your subject title of the email and file name should be subject code followed by underscore id number (BM3204_00018309)
  • Late submission of your answer script will not be accepted at any cost.
  • Send your answer script to and cc to .Send only one email attaching your answer script in an attachment. For handwritten exam answer your question in your answer booklet, take picture (portrait), convert it into a PDF file using appropriate device (camscanner) and send only one PDF file.
  • Initial email will be forwarded for further marking.
  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to discuss with anyone else. The questions must be answered individually. The lecturers may report to the University if they find the students are doing so.
  • All exams submitted are final. Students will NOT BE PERMITTED to submit any additional work or alternative version, even if time is still remaining. Only the initial submission will be forwarded for grading. Your answer MUST be submitted within the stipulated time.
  • Plagiarism is an offence. University guidelines on plagiarism will apply.
  • A penalty will be imposed and enforced for exceeding a word limit. The purpose of this standard is to ensure that those who abide by word limits are not prejudiced in doing as a result of others’ writing beyond word limits and not being penalized.
  • Failure to submit your answers within the deadline given may result in the award of ZERO MARKS. The clock starts at the time of Exam day with the due date (within the stipulated time).
  • Students are required to safe keep the answer script accordingly.


The exam will be time-limited. The time between the release of the question and the deadline for submitting your completed exam script is measured in hours, up to a maximum of 3 hours, depending on the subject requirements.


You are not expected to spend all the hours working on your answers, this time is provided to give you time to access the paper, write your answers, and submit your completed script. For some exams, there will be a maximum word limit for each question or the exam as a whole, to help you manage your time; numeracy-based questions will not have a specified word limit.


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