Final Examination Guidelines January - 2022

Prior to the Final Exam

  1. a) Students are required to refer to the Final Examination schedule released by the PIC.
    b) Kindly ensure that you have settled your semester fee and received final examination DOCKET to be eligible for the final exam and to avoid being barred from the examinations.
    College will not be responsible for the publication of the results for barred students.


Examination Day

  1. a) Students are required to be ready in front of their desktop/laptop/smartphone at least THIRTY (30) minutes before the exam start time.
    b) Students to ensure permitted reference material are ready.
    c) Person in charge of PIC will distribute the exam question paper via Email or MicrosoftTeams THIRTY (30) minutes before the exam start time.
    d) Attendance in the examination is based on students’ access to the examination DOCKET
    e) During the examinations, monitoring will be enforced for examinations between 1 to 3 hours.
    f) Lecturers from the university will invigilate the students by ensuring that the students switch on their cameras in a virtual meeting platform Microsoft Teams set up by the invigilator.
    g) Cameras should be pointed towards the student and the exam script. In the absence of a laptop/desktop camera, students may use their mobile phone camera.
    h) The entire examination will be recorded by the invigilator. The recordings are to be sent to Nilai University at the end of the examination
    i) Students are required to submit their respective answer script(s) within the stipulate time and to comply with all examination guidelines. Submission of answer scripts must be according with the email ID provided in the final examination timetable and marking CC is also compulsion as stated in the exam schedule.

Note: - Even a single minute late submission will not be accepted and student will get Zero (0) mark in respective subject.

On or before the submission deadline, students will email their answer papers to respective email ID mentioned in the examination timetable.

  1. a) Student Answer Script requirements are as follows:
    BABHM answer script : WORD documents and converted to PDF.
    • BIT answer script: Must be handwritten and scanned (using camscanner)
    • MPU or DS code subjects: WORD documents and converted to PDF.
    b) Naming of the Answer Script for both BABHM and BIT:
    Students are required to write their id number and course code in their answer scripts
    before they save their file as PDF. All answers MUST be submitted in PDF file.
    The PDF file must be named as: STUDENT ID_COURSE CODE
    (Example: 00018181_CH3131

General Guidelines
a) Students are NOT ALLOWED to discuss with anyone else. The questions must be
answered individually.
b) The duration of exam is stated in the final examination timetable. The duration
includes clicking photo converting it into PDF and sending final answer scripts to
respective email IDs. No extra time will be provided for the submission of answer
c) All contents within PDF must be in portrait format.
d) If the lecturers suspect complicity, coping or cheating, the lecturer will apply the
Plagiarism policy of Nilai University.
e) Plagiarism is an offence. University guidelines on plagiarism will apply. Turnitin index
should not more than 20%, otherwise zero mark will be awarded.
f) A penalty will be imposed and enforced for exceeding a word limit. The purpose of
this standard is to ensure that those who abide by word limits are not prejudiced in
doing as result of others’ writing beyond word limits and not being penalized.
g) All submitted answer scripts are final. Students will NOT BE PERMITTED to submit any
additional work or alternative version, even if time is still reaming. Only the initial
submission will be forwarded for grading. Your answer scripts MUST be submitted
within the stipulate time.
h) Failure to submit your answer within the deadline given may result in the award of
zero marks. The clock starts at the time of Exam day with the due date (within the
stipulated time).
i) Students are required to safe keep their answer scripts accordingly.


Best of Luck